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E. Mark Bezzant papers

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Register of the E. Mark Bezzant papers AR 152.5

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Collection Overview

Collection Inventory+/-

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Collection Overview +/-

Title: E. Mark Bezzant papers
Dates: 1938-2009 (inclusive)
Collection Number: AR 152.5
Summary: This collection consists of materials collected by E. Mark Bezzant. It includes personal papers, professional papers, materials related to campus development, materials related to the history of Utah Valley University, materials related to the Bunnell Pioneer Home, and scrapbooks containing materials about the Wasatch Campus. Itemized container listing available upon request.
Repository: George Sutherland Archives at Utah Valley University

Collection Inventory +/-

Box 1, Folder 1-2: E. Mark Bezzant personal papers (2006-2009)

Series contains the materials regarding charitable donations by E. Mark Bezzant, as well as research into topics of personal interest to him.

Box 1, Folder 1: Charitable Donations for the Bezzant Family Annual Scholarship Fund (2008-2009)

Sub-series contains correspondence, memorandums, and receipts concerning E. Mark Bezzant’s contributions to the Bezzant Family Annual Scholarship Fund.

Box 1, Folder 2: Tinsley Dry Goods and Lincoln-Herndon Law Office, Springfield, Illinois (2006-2007)

Sub-series includes correspondence, research, and information gathered from the internet concerning the Tinsley Dry Goods and Lincoln-Herndon Law Office.

Box 1, Folder 3-4, Box 2-4: E. Mark Bezzant professional papers (Bulk, 1960-2008) (1864-2009)

Series includes those papers involved with his professional life, specifically: correspondence, research (namely into the life of Ernest H. Dean), and partnerships or committees E. Mark Bezzant was involved with.

Box 1, Folder 3: E. Mark Bezzant correspondence (2003-2008)

Correspondence, includes e-mails of various topics including school history, Commencement 2006, Letter to the Editor, request for personal information about specific people, scheduling lunch meetings, and thank you notes.

Box 1, Folder 4: E. Mark Bezzant books (1993-2009)

Sub-series contains books and pamphlets of professional interest to E. Mark Bezzant.

Box 1, Folder 5: Research for History of Education in Utah (1864-1929)

Sub-series includes information photocopied from various sources about the history of education in Utah for a book E. Mark Bezzant planned to write.

Box 1, Folder 6-9, Box 4, Folder 29-34, Box 2-3: Ernest H. Dean Research Project (Bulk, 1960-1980) (1954-2003)

Sub-series contains correspondence between Ernest H. Dean and various people as well as correspondence between E. Mark Bezzant and Millicent Penovich (daughter of Ernest H. Dean). Published works of Ernest H. Dean are also included, which consists of research done for his Master's and Doctorate Degree. Papers, programs, letters and press releases are available concerning Ernest H. Dean's time as Research Director of UTC, as well as the studies and recommendations presented during his time in that position. Election materials are available from Ernest H. Dean's campaigns for House of Representatives, Senate, as well as his gubernatorial campaign. Senate Bills and House of Representatives Bills are available which concern vocational education and also directly involved Senator Dean. In addition, this sub-series includes speeches, activities, and press releases during Ernest H. Dean's time in the House of Representatives and Senate. Materials, such as letters and press releases, concerning him as the President of the Mental Retardation Association of America (MRAA) are contained as well. Also contained are books and reports on education and vocational educations with regards to Ernest H. Dean's work in the field. Photographs, biographical information, work experience, and honors, such as resumes and awards, are included as well. Lastly, funeral information is included, such as obituaries, press release, and funeral talks.

Box 4, Folder 35-41: High School Partnership and Recruitment (Bulk, 2007-2008) (2004-2009)

Sub-series includes general information such as Sterling Scholar Awards, GEAR UP contact information, research into different school districts in the area, and enrollment history of UVSC. Also contained is information, meetings, and minutes for the K-16 Alliance, for which E. Mark Bezzant was member a committee member. Superintendents meetings, agendas, and contact information are available. Also included are test scores for the Utah Basic Skills Competency Test (UBSCT) and the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills for surrounding school districts.

Box 15, Folder 151-157, Box boxes 5-14: Campus Development (1956-2009)

Series includes plans, agendas, minutes, outcomes assessments, proposals, and press releases that trace the campus and school developments through the years up to the level of university status.

Box 5, Folder 42-46: Master Plans (1982-2001)

Sub-series includes papers and memorandum concerning various master planning issues for Utah's technical colleges as well as for Utah Higher Education. Also contains maps giving a visual for a five year master plan for the school.

Box 5, Folder 47-49 : Strategic Planning (1984-2008)

Sub-series contains plans, updates, and memorandums concerning the strategic planning of the Orem Campus as well as off campus sites such as Wasatch Campus, and other off campus proposals.

Box 6-12: Institutional Council (1956-1988)

Sub-series contains agendas ranging from 1978-1988 and minutes ranging from 1956-1986. Also included is information about the Institutional Council members, bylaws of the Institutional Council, and the role of the Institutional Council.

Box 13, Folder 126-135: Outcomes Assessments (1993-1994)

Sub-series includes the outcomes assessments from various courses available at the school, such as Air Condition and Refrigeration Technology, Collision Repair, Electronic and Computer Technology, Learning Enrichment Center, and MATC.

Box 13, Folder 136-137, Box 14, Folder 138-142 : Accreditation Self-Study (1994-2005)

Sub-Series includes the self-studies and the Evaluation Committee Report from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Box 14, Folder 143-150, Box 15, Folder 151-153 : University Status (2004-2007)

Sub-series includes letters, drafts, reports, proposals, and press releases concerning UVSC move to university status. Programs from the Utah Valley University Bill Signing Celebration also included. President Sederburg's State of the College addresses are included, ranging from 2004-2007.

Box 15, Folder 154-156 : Proposals (Bulk, 2000-2008) (1994-2008)

Sub-series contains letters and drafts concerning the proposal of the development of a hotel, restaurant, and conference center on the Utah Valley State College campus. Also contains e-mails, memorandums, meeting notes, and minutes, and other information with regards to a proposed Interfaith Chapel and the Slate Canyon Correctional Facility Chapel. Lastly, this sub-series includes a proposal from David Dominguez for a Law Center on the Orem Campus.

Box 15, Folder 157: Press Releases with Regards to the School (2002-2009)

Sub-series contains articles and releases about the school as well as the Utah Higher Education Health Behavior Survey UVSC Fact Sheet from 2005.

Box 19, Box 5, Page 6, Box 18, Folder 194-195, Box 16-17, Box 15 , Folder 158-168: History of Utah Valley University (1941-2009)

Series contains histories of the school, as well as presentations on the history of the school, photographs and other images, press releases, content from past displays at the school, and information on current and past employees.

Box 15, Folder 158-159: Information and Images for Campuses (Bulk, 2000-2007) (1941-2007)

Sub-series contains images and information from the Fairgrounds, Provo, Orem, and Wasatch Campus. Also includes driving instructions to various UVSC campuses, and a list of school logos ranging from the Central Utah Vocational School logo to the UVSC logo.

Box 15, Folder 160-168: Departments (Bulk, 1960-2009) (1941-2009)

Sub-series includes images, press releases, programs, schedules, excerpts from, the school yearbook The Spectrum, and department publications from various school departments, such as the Arts, Athletics, Practical Nursing, and University College.

Box 16, Folder 169-174: Libraries (Bulk, 1970-2006) (1941-2009)

Sub-series contains accreditation self-studies for the library ca 1983. Also includes images, information, and press releases regarding the Fairgrounds Campus Library, Provo Campus Library, the original Orem Campus library, and the groundbreaking of the new library, also referred to as the Digital Learning Center. Also contains information about past and present Library Directors and Assistant Directors such as Sylvia Fetterly Anderson, George Tanner, Grace Mayhew, Carrol Reid, Kim Rollins, and Mike Freeman.

Box 16, Folder 175-180: Activities and Student Life (Bulk, 1970-2008) (1960-2008)

Sub-series consists of images, event fliers, and press releases of Explorer Scouts, LDS Church, and UVSC's Shop'n the Options Open House held at the University Mall. Also includes excerpts from The Spectrum showcasing different activities, such as archery, skiing, and Rodeo Club. Lastly it contains the UVU Day Proclamation from Mayor Jerry C. Washburn of Orem.

Box 19, Box 15, Folder 153, Page 6, Box 17 , Folder 183-188, Box 16, Folder 181-182, Box 16, Folder 182a - 182d: Employees (1941-2008)

Separated Material:

Sub-series contains biographical information and images of President Hyrum Edward Johnson, the first President of Central Utah Vocational School. Photographs of early Faculty and Staff starting as early as 1941 are available. Also contained are photographs and positions of former employees ca 1978. This sub-series also includes lists of former employees, state officials involved with the school, and current employees with long-term service. There is also a section of award nominations that lists Teachers of the Year 1976-2000, press releases, Awards of Excellence 2003-2008, and letters of nomination and recommendation written by E. Mark Bezzant for various people. Also, it contains press releases regarding the presidents of the school. Lastly there are interviews conducted by E. Mark Bezzant, between 2005 and 2009, with significant people in the school's history. The people interviewed were Julie Bagley, Connie Bond, Jack Boswell, Bob Clark, Jill Smith Danley, JD Davidson, Elaine Englehardt, Dennis Farsnworth, Bonnie Henrie, J. Marvin Higbee, Mike Jacobsen, Bruce Jensen, Jack Jensen, Marc Jerome, Ellen Loveland, Robert Loveridge, Linda Makin, Larry Marsing, Jim Michaelis, Janel Mitchell, Bob Rasmussen, Richard Rasmussen, Tom Rasmussen, Lori Richards, Judy Robertson, Hugh Rode, Kerry Romesburg, Bill Sederburg, Wilson Sorensen, Lucille Stoddard, Ray Walker, and Doug Warner.

Box 16, Folder 182e, Box 17, Folder 193a - 193b: Campuses (1941-2009)
Box 17, Folder 189-193 : Materials for Display, Specifically the UVSC History WH Wall (Bulk, 1941-1990) (1941-2008)

Sub-series contains the materials and images used in the displays. The specific display subjects were Buildings and Grounds, Campuses, Leadership, Staff and Community, and Students.

Box 18, Folder 194-195: Research and Presentations (2001-2007)

Sub-series contains the hard copy of a PowerPoint Presentation entitled “A Miracle in America,” and “Sons of the Utah Pioneers,” as well as programs and agendas where E. Mark Bezzant presented on the history of the school. Also included are histories written about the school from various sources, including research and notes from E. Mark Bezzant.

Box 18, Folder 196-203: Bunnell Pioneer Home (1976-2008)

Series contains general history concerning the house, the Bunnell family and relatives, photographs, and applications for the National Register of Historic Buildings and the National Register of Historic Places.

Box 18, Folder 196-202: E. Mark Bezzant history of the Bunnell Pioneer Home, family, and relatives (1992-2007)

Sub-series consists of biographies of the Bunnell family and relatives as well as general history of the house.

Box 8, Folder 203: E. Mark Bezzant correspondence relating to the Bunnell Pioneer Home. (Bulk, 1992-1996) (1992-2005)

Sub-series includes correspondence, mostly from Helen Weeks, in her efforts to get the Bunnell Pioneer Home on the National Register.

Box 18, Folder 204-205: E. Mark Bezzant applications for the Bunnell Pioneer Home to be placed on the National Register of Historic Buildings and the National Register of Historic Places (1995-1996)

Sub-series consists of applications submitted on behalf of the Bunnell Pioneer Home to be placed on the National Register of Historic Buildings and the National Register of Historic Places.

Box 18, Folder 206: E. Mark Bezzant press releases relating to the Bunnell Pioneer Home (1979-2008)

Sub-Series consists of press releases concerning the Bunnell Pioneer home.

Box 18, Folder 207 : E. Mark Bezzant photographs of the Bunnell Pioneer home (1976-2008)

Sub-Series contains images of the Bunnell pioneer home, both interior and exterior shots.

Box 20-25: E. Mark Bezzant scrapbooks (1992-2003)

Scope and Content: contains photographs clippings and other materials related to the Park City and Heber City Campuses

Biographical Note/Historical Note +/-

Dr. E. Mark Bezzant began his work in education long before he was member of the UVSC faculty. After graduating from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and a Secondary Teaching Certificate, he began work as a Debate, Economics, and Law teacher at Pleasant Grove High School for about seven years. In 1982, he changed focus and became a school counselor for the high school. He later served as the principal for North Sanpete High School for two years. He started his career at UVSC in 1991, where over the next eighteen years he held five different positions at the school. These positions included: Director of the UVSC School, College and University Partnership; Executive Director of the UVSC School, College and University Partnership; Executive Director of UVSC Strategic Planning and Institutional Research; Assistant Vice President of UVSC Strategic Planning, Institutional Research, Institutional Effectiveness, School, College and University Partnerships, and Student Services; and UVSC Assistant Vice President and Assistant to the President for School, College and University Partnerships. He was able to earn his Masters Degree in Educational Administration and his Doctorate Degree in Educational History and Reform from Brigham Young University while working at UVSC. He also took an interest in the history of the school. He began to collect papers and photographs that were of significance to the school and to interview faculty and staff that played a major role in the school's history. By the time he retired, he was commonly known as the unofficial historian of the school.

Content Description +/-

This collection consists of materials collected by E. Mark Bezzant. It includes personal papers, professional papers, materials related to campus development, materials related to the history of Utah Valley University, materials related to the Bunnell Pioneer Home, and scrapbooks containing materials about the Wasatch Campus. Itemized container listing available upon request.

Collection Use +/-

Restrictions on Access:

Access to the Collection is open with assistance from the archivist or staff. Conditions of use: Open for Research

Restrictions on Use:

Copyright for official University records is held by Utah Valley University; all other copyright is retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.

Administrative Information +/-


The series arrangement is as follows: Series 1: E. Mark Bezzant Personal Papers; Series 2: E. Mark Bezzant Professional Papers; Series 3: Campus Development; Series 4: History of Utah Valley University; Series 5: Bunnell Pioneer Home; Series 6: Scrapbooks.

Acquisition Information:

Gift of E. Mark Bezzant


Bezzant, E. Mark






18.5 Linear feet; 19 boxes, 3 oversized boxes

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Finding aid prepared by Aimee Bastarache, Assistant Archivist and Kellie Johnson, Intern

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6 December 2012T09:55-0700


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Central Utah Vocational School--History.
Utah Technical College at Provo--History.
Utah Technical College at Provo/Orem--History.
Utah Valley Community College--History.
Utah Valley State College--History.
Utah Valley University--History.

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Bunnell Pioneer Farmhouse
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Student Life

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