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Kerry D. Romesburg papers

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Register of the Kerry D. Romesburg papers AR 104

Table of Contents

Collection Overview

Collection Inventory+/-

Biographical Note/Historical Note

Content Description

Collection Use

Administrative Information


Collection Overview +/-

Title: Kerry D. Romesburg papers
Dates: 1988-2002 (inclusive)
Collection Number: AR 104
Summary: This collection consists of materials collected by Kerry D. Romesburg as well as materials used and filed in the office of the President during his administration. Included are materials related to Utah Valley University under the names: Utah Technical College at Provo/Orem, Utah Valley Community College, and Utah Valley State College. See Arrangement Note below. Container listing available upon request.
Repository: George Sutherland Archives at Utah Valley University

Collection Inventory +/-

Box 1-3, Box 4, Folder 1-2: A
subseries: AACC American Association of Community Colleges
subseries: AAHE American Association for Higher Education
subseries: AAC&U Association of American Colleges & Universities
subseries: AA/EEO – Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity
subseries: AAHE American Association for Higher Education
subseries: AASCU American Association of State Colleges & Universities
subseries: ABET Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. Inc.
subseries: Academic Affairs
subseries: Academic Calendar (and Committee)
subseries: Accreditation Report
subseries: Accreditation Self Study
subseries: ACCT Association of Community College Trustees
subseries: ACE American Council on Education
subseries: ACIIE American Council on International Intercultural Education
subseries: ACT American College Testing
subseries: ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
subseries: Administrative Services
subseries: Aerospace Foundation
subseries: AFT American Federation of Teachers/Utah
subseries: AGB Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges
subseries: Alpine School District—Lease with UVSC
subseries: Alumni and Friends
subseries: American Fork Site
subseries: Anniversary (50th)
subseries: Art Awards & Travelling Art Exhibit
subseries: Assistant to the President
subseries: Assistant to the President
subseries: Assistant to the President for Special Projects
subseries: ATC/ATSR Task Force Applied Technology Education Conference/Applied Technology Center Service Regions Task Force
subseries: ATEA American Technical Education Association
subseries: ATECC (Mountainland) Applied Technology Education Coordinating Committee
subseries: Athletics
subseries: Attorney General’s Office
subseries: Audits
subseries: Automotive
subseries: Aviation – Alpine Air
subseries: A—Miscellaneous

see container list

Box 4, Folder 3-22: B
subseries: Background Information Utah Valley State College
subseries: Ballet Utah Regional Ballet Advisory Board
subseries: Bookstore
subseries: Boy Scouts of America
subseries: Brigham Young University
subseries: Browning, Val A. (Trust)
subseries: Budget
subseries: Budget Transfers
subseries: Business Office
subseries: Business Office
subseries: Business Office (Controller)
subseries: Business, School of
subseries: B—Miscellaneous

See container list

Box 5, Box 6, Folder 1-22: C
subseries: Calendar Pages
subseries: Campus Compact
subseries: Capitol Campaign
subseries: CASS Cooperative Association of States for Scholarships
subseries: Chair Academy, The
subseries: CCID Community Colleges for International Development, Inc.
subseries: CEDO Commission for Economic Development Orem
subseries: Centers of Excellence
subseries: Central Utah Advisory Board Meetings
subseries: Chamber of Commerce—Provo/Orem
subseries: Charts Used in Presentations
subseries: Clean Air Commission
subseries: College Board
subseries: College Council
subseries: College of Eastern Utah
subseries: College Relations
subseries: Colorado Plateau Field Institution
subseries: Commencement
subseries: Commission on Economic Development-Orem
subseries: Committees
subseries: Communicator (UVSC’s Newsletter)
subseries: Compensation Package
subseries: Computer and Engineering Science, School of
subseries: Computer Services
subseries: Computer Systems Maintenance Certificate 1997
subseries: Contracts, Leases, Rentals, Agreements
subseries: Contractual Services
subseries: CO-OP Cooperative Education
subseries: Correspondence (misc.)
subseries: Culinary Arts Restaurant
subseries: Culturgram
subseries: C – Miscellaneous

See container list

Box 7, Folder 1-9, Box 6, Folder 23: D
subseries: Dean’s Council & Academic Forum
subseries: Dental Hygiene AAS Degree 1997
subseries: DFCM – Division of Facilities Construction & Management
subseries: Distance Learning
subseries: Dixie College
subseries: D—Miscellaneous

See container list

Box 8, Folder 1-6, Box 7, Folder 10-26: E
subseries: Early Childhood Development
subseries: EDNET
subseries: Educational Leadership Program – (Christian A. Johnson Foundation)
subseries: Elementary Education Degree Teacher Education Program
subseries: Elderhostel
subseries: Electronic Community College
subseries: Electronic Delivery
subseries: EMIA Educator's Mutual Insurance Association
subseries: Environmental Technology
subseries: Ethics and Values Class
subseries: Evaluation Committee Report 1995
subseries: Evaluations
subseries: Events Center
subseries: Executive Assistant for the President
subseries: Executive Committee
subseries: E—Miscellaneous

See container list

Box 9, Box 10, Folder 1-7, Box 8, Folder 7-18: F
subseries: Faculty Senate
subseries: Financial Aid/Scholarships
subseries: Fire Administration BS Degree 1997
subseries: Fire Science
subseries: First Security Advisory Board 1998
subseries: Foundation Board, UVSC
subseries: Four Year
subseries: Four Year
subseries: Four Year 1991
subseries: Four Year 1992
subseries: Four Year 1993
subseries: Four Year 1995
subseries: Four Year 1996
subseries: Four Year 1997
subseries: Four Year 1998
subseries: Four Year Athletics
subseries: F—Miscellaneous

See container list

Box 10, Folder 8-17: G
subseries: Geneva Steel
subseries: Governor (See “Utah State Governor)
subseries: GRAMA Government Records Access and Management Act
subseries: Grants
subseries: Greece – Aviation
subseries: G—Miscellaneous

See container list

Box 10, Folder 18-19, Box 11, Folder 1-11: H
subseries: Hammons, John Q. (Embassy Suites)
subseries: Heber City
subseries: Heritage Club
subseries: Honorary Degrees
subseries: Hospitality Management
subseries: Humanities, Sciences & Health Professions
subseries: Human Resources
subseries: H—Miscellaneous

See container list

Box 11, Folder 12-26: I
subseries: IMmATA—Interactive Multimedia Artists & Technologies Agency of Utah, Inc.
subseries: INET International Network Education, Technology
subseries: Inauguration of President Romesburg November 4, 1998
subseries: Institute (LDS)
subseries: Institutional Advancement
subseries: Institutional Approval Notice
subseries: Institutional Research & Planning, Office of
subseries: Integrated Studies Four Year Degree
subseries: International Studies, Office of
subseries: Investment Reports (Compliance Forms)
subseries: I—Miscellaneous

See container list

Box 12, Folder 1-4: J
subseries: Japan
subseries: Jewish Studies, Center for
subseries: J—Miscellaneous

See container list

Box 12, Folder 5-9: K
subseries: Keys
subseries: Kiev
subseries: Kiev Program
subseries: K—Miscellaneous

See container list

Box 12, Folder 10-20: L
subseries: League for Innovation in Community College
subseries: Leave of Absence
subseries: Legislation
subseries: Legislators
subseries: Letters of Recommendation
subseries: Long-Term Plan
subseries: L—Miscellaneous

See container list

Box 14, Folder 1-6, Box 12, Folder 21-22, Box 13: M
subseries: Machine Tool Technology
subseries: Master Plan
subseries: MATC mountain States Applied Technology Center
subseries: McKay Events Center
subseries: Memberships
subseries: Merit Compensation
subseries: MICRON
subseries: Mission Statement
subseries: Mongolia
subseries: Motor Pool
subseries: Mountainlands Association of Government and Private Industry Council
subseries: MSACC Mountain States Association of Community Colleges
subseries: MSACC
subseries: MSACC Temporary Account 9-90705
subseries: M—Miscellaneous

See container list

Box 14, Folder 7-16: N
subseries: Name Change from UVCC to UVSC
subseries: National Guard
subseries: National Leadership Council
subseries: NISOD—National Institute for Staff & Organizational Development
subseries: Northwest Association of Schools & Colleges
subseries: Nursing
subseries: N—Miscellaneous

See container list

Box 15, Folder 1-6: O
subseries: One Percent for Art
subseries: Orem City
subseries: O—Miscellaneous

See container list

Box 19, Folder 1-13, Box 16-18, Box 15, Folder 7: P
subseries: PACE – Professional, Administrative, Classified Contract Employees
subseries: PAF’s Payroll Action Forms
subseries: Park City and the Summit Institute
subseries: Parking, Traffic
subseries: Payroll Coordinator
subseries: PIN Postsecondary International Network
subseries: Pioneer House
subseries: Planning Office
subseries: Pope, Bill J. & Margaret Science
subseries: Pope, Bill J. Building Dedication April 23, 1997
subseries: Position Analysis
subseries: President’s Staff & Council
subseries: President’s Council
subseries: 1992
subseries: 1993
subseries: 1995
subseries: 1996
subseries: 1997
subseries: 1998
subseries: 1999
subseries: 2000
subseries: 2001
subseries: 2002
subseries: Presidential Appraisal
subseries: Presidential Scholarships and Ball
subseries: Project 2000
subseries: Provo Campus Sale
subseries: Provo School District
subseries: Purchase Orders
subseries: PTK Phi Theta Kappa
subseries: P—Miscellaneous

See container list

Box 19, Folder 14-20: R
subseries: Retirement
subseries: Review of Four-Year Programs
subseries: Risk Management
subseries: Riverside Country Club
subseries: R—Miscellaneous

See container list

Box 20, Folder 1-22: S
subseries: Salt Lake Community College
subseries: Scholarships (See “Financial Aid”)
subseries: SCUP Society for College & University Planning
subseries: Semester System
subseries: Semester System (Change To)
subseries: Semester vs. Quarter
subseries: Sister College Agreement
subseries: Toyo Women's College
subseries: Weinan Teachers College
subseries: Sister Colleges
subseries: Snow College
subseries: Southern Utah University
subseries: Special Events Center
subseries: Strategic Plan
subseries: Student Government
subseries: Student Housing
subseries: Sundance Advisory Board
subseries: S—Miscellaneous

See container list

Box 21, Folder 1-12, Box 20, Folder 23-28: T
subseries: Telephone
subseries: Tenured Faculty
subseries: Title III
subseries: Trademark Issues
subseries: Trades, Technology, Industry
subseries: Travel Authorizations—Miscellaneous
subseries: Travel
subseries: Chappell, Dick L.
subseries: Cook, Brad
subseries: Cook, Gilbert E.
subseries: Romesburg, Kerry D.
subseries: Stoddard, Lucille T.
subseries: Thomas, Ryan L.
subseries: Warner Douglas E.
subseries: Winn, Brad
subseries: Tuition and Fees Subcommittee
subseries: T—Miscellaneous

See container list

Box 22, Folder 1-15, Box 21, Folder 13-38: U
subseries: UCAT Utah College of Applied Technology
subseries: UECC Utah Electronic Community College
subseries: UHEAA Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority
subseries: UIBI Utah International Business Institute
subseries: UMEP Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership
subseries: United States Department of Education
subseries: United States Government Senate and Congress
subseries: United Way
subseries: University of Utah
subseries: Utah Arts Council
subseries: Utah Campus Compact
subseries: Utah County Commission Office
subseries: Utah State Board of Education
subseries: Utah State Building Board
subseries: Utah State Department of Administrative Services
subseries: Utah State Department of Community & Economic Development
subseries: Utah State Governor
subseries: Utah State Legislative Fiscal Analyst
subseries: Utah State Office of Education
subseries: Utah State University
subseries: Utah—Russia Institute
subseries: Utah Valley Regional Medical Center
subseries: UVCC Board of Trustees
subseries: UVCC Foundation – Structure
subseries: UVNET
subseries: UVSC – Wasatch Advisory Board
subseries: U—Miscellaneous

See container list

Box 22, Folder 16-23: V
subseries: Veterans Services
subseries: VICA Vocational Industrial Clubs of America
subseries: VITA President’s
subseries: V—Miscellaneous

See container list

Box 22, Folder 24-33: W
subseries: Warehouse
subseries: Weber State University
subseries: WGU Western Governors University
subseries: WICHE—Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education
subseries: Woodbury Museum Gallery
subseries: W—Miscellaneous

See container list

Box 22, Folder 34-36: X, Y, Z
subseries: Y2K
subseries: X, Y, Z—Miscellaneous

See container list

Biographical Note/Historical Note +/-

Kerry Romesburg served as the 4th president of Utah Valley State College from 1988-2002. During his 14 year presidency, the college changed its mission from a two-year community college to a four-year state college, student enrollment skyrocketed from 8,700 to more than 20,000, and the college's endowment increased from $280,000 to more than $41 million. Kerry is currently the president of Jacksonville University in Florida. He and his wife Judy have two grown sons.

Content Description +/-

This collection consists of materials collected by Kerry D. Romesburg as well as materials used and filed in the office of the President during his administration. Included are materials related to Utah Valley University under the names: Utah Technical College at Provo/Orem, Utah Valley Community College, and Utah Valley State College. See Arrangement Note below. Container listing available upon request.

Collection Use +/-

Restrictions on Access:

Access to the collection is open with assistance from the archivist or staff.

Restrictions on Use:

Open for Research. Copyright for official University records is held by Utah Valley University; all other copyright is retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.

Administrative Information +/-


To retain the original filing order of President Romesburg, folders are filed alphabetically using the original labels, with the following exceptions: unlabeled folders have been labeled and filed alphabetically, and “Miscellaneous” folders are filed at the end of each letter. There is not series for the letter Q.

Acquisition Information:

Gift of the Office of the President


Romesburg, Kerry D.






22.0 boxes; 11 linear feet

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Author of the Finding Aid:

Finding aid prepared by Aimee Bastarache, Assistant Archivist

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11 January 2013


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United States Steel Corporation. Geneva Works.
Utah Technical College at Provo/Orem--History.
Utah Technical College at Provo/Orem--Presidents.
Utah Valley Community College--History.
Utah Valley Community College--Presidents.
Utah Valley State College--History.
Utah Valley State College--Presidents.
Utah Valley University--History.
Utah Valley University--Presidents.

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